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Kiki Flores is a member of the Fresh Beat Band being the guitarist and lead vocalist of the band. She is a trained opera singer, an achieved violinist and a tap dancer. She is portrayed by Yvette Gonzalez-Nacer. She Appears In Fresh Beat Band Of Spies

Character BiographyEdit

Kiki is a very energetic and bubbly person who loves to sing and dance. Her favorite catchphrase is "Kickin" and her favorite colors are pink and white. She wears a pink jacket with white sleeves and a pink striped shirt underneath. With it she wears a pink skirt with light green leggings beneath it. Starting with season 3, her jacket is solid pink, and she wears white leggings under her skirt. She also wears a pink bracelet, a pink necklace and a pink headband. Her jacket has a guitar symbol on it.

Kiki loves to sing and dance and is always willing to learn a new song or a new dance. In "Let's Boogie" she even creates her own. She is very headstrong, as seen in "Smoothies To Go-Go", and it is very hard to stop her once she's put her mind to something. Besides being a guitarist Kiki is also a very talented opera singer and violinist. In "Sing With Me" she wishes to sing an opera duet with Shout and sings quite well. As for the violin, Kiki has been seen playing the instrument many times such as in "Doggone It", where she uses her violin to bring Banjo closer, "Hip-Hop Hoedown", where she uses it to play country music, and "Loco Legs" where she uses it to play along in the song. Her favorite violin duo is Nuttin' But Stringz. She also played the ukelele in "Rock The Luau".

In the Season 2 episode, "Band in a Jam", Kiki as a child is played by Kendall Glover. She is also portrayed as a baby in this episode.

Fun Fact: The episode Smoothies to Go Go centered around Kiki; coincedentally it was aired on the 23rd birthday of her portrayer Yvette Gonzalez-Nacer.


  • As her name implies, Yvette Gonzalez-Nacer's name is hyphenated due to some Latin traditions of preserving the last names of both parents in their children.
  • According to "Back To School", Kiki's favorite song is "Tap It Out".
  • Nacer's hair was believed to be fake by some fans but was found to be real after certain episodes like "Bounce The House".
  • Kiki's Hair is black in during the first few episodes of Season 2 rather then brown, like in Season 1. Her hair, while not as much, is brown in "Giant Pumpkin" but black again in "The Fresh Beats in Toyland".
  • Nacer's costume has a pink miniskirt or shorts underneath which can be seen when her dress rises too high. This can be seen in "Bounce the House" when she jumps in the bouncy house.
  • Kiki is the only Fresh Beat so far to have an episode with her name in it.
  • Kiki has five episodes that focus on her and one she shares with Shout.
  • She has slight romantic feelings for Shout.
  1. "Let's Boogie" deals with Kiki making a new dance the rest of the Fresh Beats have trouble learning.
  2. "Smoothies to Go-Go" deals with Kiki taking on too much with her allegro skates.
  3. "The Case of The Missing Violin deals with Kiki's missing violin.
  4. "Car Wash Dance" deals with Kiki combining her car-cleaning skills with her dancing skills.
  5. "Kiki's Kickin Chorus" deals with Kiki creating a chorus for a new song.
  6. "Sing With Me" deals with Kiki and Shout wondering what song they should sing together after they find they want to sing two different songs.

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