The Fresh Beats get in their super fast cars to be in the biggest race of all time, the Race to the Top of The State. A racing villain named the Dead Racer appears to be in the state race. Kiki grabs the Jabber. Shout gets the Monster Freaker. Marina gets her car known as the Light eliminator and Twist gets the Beatboxed Car. The lead changes. The Dead Racer starts the lead until Kiki passes him on the first lap, but the Dead Racer gets back in the lead and eliminates Kiki. Shout's Monster Freaker passes the Dead Racer again until he reaches the end of the second lap and gets eliminated by the Dead Racer. The Dead Racer and Twist are battling for third place until the Dead Racer passes him and Marina and eliminates Twist and his car. It's may the best racer win and Marina is in the lead until the Dead Racer tricks Marina by throwing fruit at her. Twist finds a way to help Marina win the race. Marina eliminates the Dead Racer by putting a split in the track, so the Dead Racer went the wrong way which leads to the harbor. The other Fresh Beats get back in the race and the four cross the finish line at the exact same time and they finish in first place and win the race. The Dead Racer cries after he heads back to the Empire and the Fresh Beats celebrate at the finish line.They win Race to the Top of the State is the double-length episode from the Fresh Beat Band Season 4.

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