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Reach For the Sky is a song sung in season 3. It was the Fresh Beats' music school graduation song in Let's Go to The Fair and Laughing Dance Master.

Episodes and Videos

The song was sung in Let's Go to The Fair, its debut.

In The Wizard of Song, when Marina and her new friends entered the Emerald City, the song was heard in karaoke.

In Laughing Dance Master, the song was sung in a Chinese version.


VERSE 1 The world is yours, so rock it

No looking back no stoppin'

Make it everything you want it to be-e-e-e

I like to play guitar, I think I'll go far,

We'll share our music in every city


You gotta love what you do

Make every note ring true now

Sing it from your heart

Inside we all are stars


Reach for the sky, show everybody what we can do

It's our time to shine, just take a chance and believe in you

The music's contagious, this feelin's outrageous

We're making our dreams come true

Hold your hopes high

Reach for the sky!


Keep the music playin'

Turn the volume up, crank it!

We've got so many tunes to share with you

Get up, move to the beat, c'mon, dance in the street

Watch out! The Fresh Beat Band coming through



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