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Thomas"Shout" Hobson is a member of the Fresh Beat Band and Pianist/Keyboardist of the band. He is 20 years old and is played by Thomas Hobson.

Character BiographyEdit

Shout is a focused but excited person. His favorite catchphrase is "Cool Beans" and "Stylin". His favorite colors are brown, green and orange. He wears an orange button up sweater, with a green shirt beneath, brown shorts and brown shoes. In season 3, he is seen wearing brown pants and an orange top. On his left sweater sleave is a keyboard patch. He has also been known to wear a hat on occasion. He wears brown flannel pajamas. With it he wears goldfish slippers.

Shout has a knack for being very level headed most of the time but, when given a task, he becomes very excited and doesn't complete it. He is smart and comes up with many solutions to problems the band face. Many times he finds solutions to problems without realizing it. Someone will yell "Shout, thats it" or "Shout, you did it" and ends with him celeberating then asking "What did I do?" Quite the pianist, Shout can play all types of keyboarded instruments.

In "Quack Shoes" Shout is seen to be a very talented tap dancer, even when he wears Marina's duck slippers. Shout is also always prepared for whenever Marina's drums may break, taking out a toolbox and repairing them for her. In "Stomp the House" and "Bounce the House" Shout brings out his toolbox to fix the drums and usually ends with putting a band-aid on the cymbals. He has had Loco-Legs in "Loco Legs" because he was so excited about performing. In "Sing With Me" we find he likes rock music and, apparently, big hair but doesn't like opera. Shout is also owner of the Bugle Toots Bugle, which he found in a box of Bugle Toots cereal. Though his friends were excited he got it they later couldn't stop him from playing it and Shout was to excited to go to sleep. In "Back to School" we find that Shout owns a goldfish named Walter that he packs in his book bag and takes with him. Always willing to lend a hand, Shout will always stick by his friends.


  • Shout has never removed his sweater. But in "Follow the Leader", he was seen without a sweater while holding two sweaters that are the very same. This implies that he had more than one orange sweater.
  • Shout probably wears goldfish slippers because he owns a pet goldfish named Walter.
  • According to "Back To School", Shout's favorite song is "Loco Legs".
  • Shout is the only brown skin in the Fresh Beat Band.
  • Shout has five episodes that focus on him, one that he shares with Kiki and one he shares with Twist.
    • Has a small crush on Marina.
  1. "Loco Legs" deals with Shout being so excited about performing at Music School that he gets Loco Legs.
  2. "Quack Shoes" deals with Shout losing his tap shoes and using Marina's Duck Slippers to perform.
  3. "Rock to Sleep" deals with Shout being unable to fall asleep after getting the Bugle Toots Bugle.
  4. "Bubble Blast" deals Shout learning he must slow down and be patient when he trys to rush cleaning up.
  5. "Giant Pumpkin" deals with Shout growing an enourmous pumpkin that he must, somehow, get to the fair.
  6. "Sing With Me" deals with Kiki and Shout being unable to find a song they want to sing together.
  7. "Presto Pants" deals with Twist & Shout creating a pair of mechanical pants.




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Played by

Thomas Hobson

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