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    Twist (With Green Hair and Glasses)



Portrayed by
Jon Beavers
First appearance

Twist is a main character in The Fresh Beat Band.


Twist is a DJ, a skilled rapper, and a beat boxer. His instruments of choice are his super cool mix-tables and his voice. Twist is really imaginative and a natural jokester. Even when his outrageous ideas don't come about, he doesn't get into a twist; he just goes with the flow!


Twist is a goofy person with a wild imagination. His catchphrase is "Sweet!" and his favorite colors are blue and yellow. Twist often thinks up imaginative solutions to problems, which he tells to his friends by asking, "Wouldn't it be cool if..." The other band members then give him a more plausible idea, to which he will respond, "Sure, if you want to do it the easy way."


Twist has brown hair and light skin. He wears a yellow hoodie sweater with a blue shirt beneath it. He also wears black jeans and white sneakers. On the pocket of his hood is his DJ symbol. He now wears a pair of black glasses and Will be dying his hair green, He may sometimes dye his hair with other colors as Purple, Blue and More other colors as well.


Twist appears in every episode of The Fresh Beat Band. His first appearance was in "Stick Together" and his last appearance was in "Snow Day." Twist also appears in the stand-alone concert special.

Twist (With Glasses)

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